Appraisal by New Winds Realty

There are several situations why you might need an appraisal. When buying or selling a home an appraisal report is a valuable asset. In addition, an appraisal report is also required when doing renovations and refurbishments but also in divorce and inheritance issues. An appraisal report is also needed for you insurance issues. It is not always necessary to record a complete appraisal. Sometimes a concise appraisal will do.

New Winds Realty N.V. can give you appraisal about the market value of your property. Please feel free to contact us about the possibilities that we can offer. The appraisal includes a tour in an around the house. Special attention is placed on the layout, condition, location and construction of the property. Eventually all factors shall be presented by New Winds Realty N.V. in an appraisal report that provides you with a trustworthy value of your property.

Close-up of a person typing on a calculator with a miniature house next to it

Concise appraisal

1‰ of the highest appraise value, with a minimum of ANG. 450,-  (excl. OB, Since January 1st. 2012 = OB 6%, and costs of inspection in the Land register).

Extensive appraisal:

Values till ANG. 200.000,- ANG. 450,-
Values from ANG. 200.001 ‘till ANG. 400.000,- ANG. 800,-
Values from ANG. 400.001 ‘till ANG. 600.000,- ANG. 1.200,-
Values ANG. 600.001 and higher 2‰ of the highest appraised value

Rate to estimate the lease-price:

1,5% van the annual lease-price with a minimum of ANG. 350,-

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