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#1088 - Punta Azul Ocean Resort

Homes for sale
1Bedrooms2Bathrooms80 M22 StoryBuilt in 2019
Westpunt, 80
ANG 309.418,-
USD 172.879,-
EUR 156.380,-

PUNTA AZUL OCEAN RESORT is a Touristic & Residential complex actually under construction in its first phase. The land extension is about five thousand two hundred square meters (5200 M2) in the Knip area (near west punt), very close from other vacation parks such as Marazul Dive Resort and Lagoon Ocean Resort.

It’s conformed by twenty four units “Town House” style with a built area of 80 square meters, they all have one (1) Master Room, (2) Bathrooms, Dining-Living Room and “American Standard” style Kitchen also, they are accomplished with they own private beautiful upper and lower terrace with an amazing view and gardens.

All units will be delivered with complete kitchen furniture, tile flooring, beautiful and luxurious bathroom pieces, flooring in the tile bathroom with mosaic decor over the walls with beautiful modern themes. White aluminum Windows with Light grey glasses, wooden closet doors with horizontal decorative details, room’s frames and doors are made of wood modern style, also wooden roofs white painted, Spanish style tiles. The entire complex is totally secured with automatic doors, exuberant viewing, and pool in the social area.

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Apt number Apt size Beds/Baths Price USD$ Price FL
1-A 80 M2 1/2 $ 199.900 FL.363.818
1-B 80 M2 1/2 $ 209.900 FL.382.018
2-A 80 M2 1/2 SOLD SOLD
2-B 80 M2 1/2 SOLD SOLD
3-A 80 M2 1/2 $ 169.900 FL. 309.218
3-B 80 M2 1/2 $ 179.900 FL. 327.418
4-A 80 M2 2/2 $ 199.900 FL. 363.818
4-B 80 M2 2/2 SOLD SOLD
5-A 80 M2 2/2 $ 199.900 FL. 363.818
5-B 80 M2 2/2 SOLD SOLD
6-A 80 M2 1/2 SOLD SOLD
6-B 80 M2 1/2 SOLD SOLD
7-A 80 M2 1/2 SOLD SOLD
7-B 80 M2 1/2 SOLD SOLD
9-A 80 M2 2/2 SOLD SOLD
9-B 80 M2 2/2 SOLD SOLD
10-A 80 M2 2/2 SOLD SOLD
10-B 80 M2 2/2 SOLD SOLD
11 152 M2 3/3 SOLD SOLD
12-A 80 M2 2/2 $ 199.900 FL. 363.818
12-B 80 M2 2/2 SOLD SOLD


The neighbourhood

West Point is a small village in the far northwest of the island, known for its natural beauty. The village is relatively quiet. The beaches around Westpunt are breathtakingly beautiful as the white sands of Knip Beach, the limestone cliffs Playa Kalki, and the clear water in the bay of Playa Jeremi. West Point beach itself consists of gravel and serves as a harbor for local fishermen. Local fishermen put their boats on the beach and sell their fish here, so fresher you cannot get them!

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1 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms 80 M2

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